Daily program

September 11, 2019

08.00-09.00 Participant registration
09.00-09.15 Conference opening
Chair: Jan Filip
Theme Evnironmental mineralogy and geochemistry
09.15-09.55 Keynote lecture 1 Juraj Majzlan Different ways of incorporating elements into crystal structures in which they do not fit
09.55-10.10 2 Tamara Đorđević Arsenic in roméite-group minerals formed by weathering of realgar-rich tailings (Lojane mine, North Macedonia)
10.10-10.25 3 Alexandra M. Plumhoff Fractionation of copper, oxygen and hydrogen isotopes between malachite and aqueous solution
10.25-10.40 4 Paulina Maziarz Halloysite-supported iron oxide particles for As(V) removal: adsorption mechanism investigation by the XPS and Mössbauer spectroscopy
10.40-11.10 Coffee break
Chair: Ferdinando Bosi
Theme Mineralogy
11.10-11.25 5 Charles A. Geiger The Magnetic Behavior of Olivine and Garnet Substitutional Solid Solutions
11.25-11.40 6 Marcin Stachowicz Fluorite a supposedly ordinary mineral. On charge-shift bonding, nonspherical charge distribution and boundary of ions.
11.40-11.55 7 Gioacchino Tempesta Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) as a tool for Li distribution in zoned tourmaline in thin section.
11.55-12.10 8 Monika Kubernátová Crystal chemistry of Pb-rich tourmaline from pegmatite in Minh Tien, Vietnam
12.10-12.25 9 Andreas Ertl Oxidized Mg- and Fe-rich tourmaline with significant amounts of Sr and Pb
12.25-12.40 10 Pavel Uher Evolution of borate minerals (ludwigite group and szaibélyite): from contact metamorphic to hydrothermal stages (Vysoká – Zlatno skarn, Slovakia)
12.40-14.00 Lunch break
Chair: Giovanni Andreozzi
Theme Remote sensing and near-surface minerals
14.00-14.40 Keynote lecture 11 Janice Bishop Characterizing the surface of Mars through remote spectral identification of minerals
14.40-14.55 12 Carsten Laukamp Mid- and Thermal Infrared Reflectance Spectral Signatures of Non-sulfide Zn-ores
14.55-15.10 13 Sari Romppanen Optimized time-resolved photoluminescence detection of rare earth elements in apatites and calcites
15.10-15.25 14 Talla Dominik The FTIR and Raman spectroscopic study of kieserite, MgSO4∙H2O, an important sulfate in our Solar system, across its cosmochemically relevant solid solutions
15.25-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-16.00 15 Simone Bernardini Oxidation state of manganese in oxide minerals by Raman spectrosopy
16.00-16.15 16 Monica LeGras How to use infrared reflectance spectroscopy of pyroxenes and pyroxenoids for critical metals exploration and mining
16.15-16.30 17 Elena Zhitova Low-temperature sulphate mineralization of modern hydrothermal systems of Kamchatka, Russia
16.30-16.45 18 Tomas Hrstka Using Orange Software visual programming and machine learning for deposited dust particles identification
16.45-19.00 Poster session

September 12, 2019

Chair: Henrik Skogby
Theme HP-HT experimental mineralogy and spectroscopy
09:00-09.40 Keynote lecture 19 Sergey Lobanov Optical spectroscopy at combined high P and T conditions and its applications to thermal and electrical transport in the deep mantle
09.40-09.55 20 Sergey Britvin Phosphides of schreibersite-nickelphosphide series as indicators of crystallization history of meteorites
09.55-10.10 21 Liudmila Gorelova High-pressure behavior of hingganite-(Y), YBeSiO4(OH)
10.10-10.25 22 Mara Murri How to determine a unique entrapment condition of host-inclusion systems from UHPM rocks using Raman elastic geobarometry
10.25-10.40 23 Nicola Campomenosi Using polarized Raman spectroscopy to detect strain gradient in optical anomalous host-inclusion mineral systems
10.40-11.10 Coffee break
Chair: Charles Geiger
Theme Mineral spectroscopy
11.10-11.25 24 Anastasiya Kalugina The Raman estimation of composition of garnets in natural diamonds
11.25-11.40 25 Ingrin Jannick Specific OH infrared signatures in pyroxenes from mantle xenoliths: characteristics and possible bands assignments
11.40-11.55 26 Elena Zhitova Crystal chemical characterization of carbonate and chloride layered double hydroxides
11.55-12.10 27 Karolina Rybka The effect of M(II)/M(III) molar ratio on the LDH structure derived from chemicals and minerals: a spectroscopic study using FTIR, Raman and XPS.
12.10-12.25 28 Maciej Manecki Compositional analysis of PO4, AsO4, and VO4 in Pb-apatites with Raman spectroscopy
12.25-12.40 29 Daria Kiseleva Raman spectroscopy in the studies of archaeological bone and tooth diagenesis
12.40-14.00 Lunch break
Chair: Jakub Plášil
Theme Uranium mineralogy: session dedicated to Dr. Jiří Čejka on the occassion of his 90th birthday
14.00-14.40 Keynote lecture 30 Peter Burns New landscapes of uranium mineralogy
14.40-14.55 31 Vladislav Gurzhiy Structural complexity of natural and synthetic uranyl compounds with S- and Se-centered oxyanions
14.55-15.10 32 Travis A. Olds Paddlewheelite, a new uranyl carbonate mineral from the Jáchymov District, Bohemia, Czech Republic
15.10-15.25 33 Gwladys Steciuk Crystal structure of uranyl molybdate mineral calcurmolite solved from electron diffraction data
15.25-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-16.00 34 Dmitry A. Zamyatin Thermally induced structural, chemical and textural rearrangement of metamictized zircon with high concentration of impurity elements: Raman, PL, EPMA, EBSD
16.00-16.15 35 Jose Marcial Structures of uranothorite solid solution by neutron diffraction and total scattering join through Reverse Monte Carlo fitting of neutron pair distribution functions
16.15-16.30 36 Dariusz Malczewski Activation energy of annealed, partially metamict davidite by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy
16.30-16.45 37 Emily Nienhuis The role of 4+ cations on the structure and crystallization of nepheline and related phases from sodium aluminosilcate glasses
16.45-18.00 Poster session
19:00-24:00 Conference dinner

September 13, 2019

Chair: František Laufek
Theme Experimental mineralogy
09:00-09.40 Keynote lecture 38 Anna Vymazalová Platinum-group minerals, from nature to synthetic
09.40-09.55 39 Francesco Di Benedetto A new solvothermal approach to obtain nanoparticles in the Cu3SnS4-Cu2FeSnS4 join
09.55-10.10 40 Gregory Ivanyuk Endemic titanosilicates of the Kola alkaline complexes and their functional synthetic analogs
10.10-10.25 41 Andrea Giaccherini Spectroscopic and structural analysis of ultra-thin Cu2S/CdS semiconducting devices
10.25-10.40 42 Michela Botticelli New insights on the discrimination of synthesized ochres by µ-FTIR: Mars yellow and calcinated red ochres recognition criteria
10.40-11.10 Coffee break
Chair: Lee Groat
Theme Gemology
11.10-11.25 43 Tashia Dzikowski-Hutter A Gemmological Approach to Distinguishing Natural from Synthetic Rubies: LA-ICP-TOF mass spectrometry provides new insights
11.25-11.40 44 Myint Myat Phyo U-Pb age dating of zircon and zirconolite inclusions in marble hosted gem-quality ruby and spinel from Mogok, Myanmar
11.40-11.55 45 Laura Medeghini Provenance studies of emerald: evaluation of Raman approach
11.55-12.10 46 Hao A.O. Wang Multi-element Analysis of Sapphires and Emeralds by LA-ICP-Time-Of-Flight-MS for Country of Origin Determination
12.10-12.25 47 Myint Myat Phyo Detailed Inclusion Study of Gem-Quality Spinel from Mogok, Myanmar: Geikielite MgTiO3 as exsolution lamellae
12.25-12.40 48 Evgeny Vasilev Enigma of the cuboid diamonds: inverse distribution of optical centres within the crystal volume
12.40-14.00 Lunch break
Chair: Jan Cempírek
Theme Crystallography
14.00-14.40 Keynote lecture 49 Sergey Krivovichev Feldspar polymorphs: diversity, complexity, stability
14.40-14.55 50 Zolotarev A.A. jr Crystal structure of dmisteinbergite, CaAl2Si2O8
14.55-15.10 51 John McCloy Rare earth environments in silicate, borate, borosilicate, and transition metal phases obtained from glass-ceramics
15.10-15.25 52 Taras Panikrovskii Crystal structure model of tiettaite and its Na-deficient analogue: novel type of microporous octahedral-tetrahedral framework
15.25-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-16.00 53 Richard Pažout Substitution ranges of new mineral staročeskéite Ag0.7Pb1.6(Bi1.35Sb1.35)2.70S6
16.00-16.15 54 Maria G. Krzhizhanovskaya Crystalline borosilicates of alkali and alkaline-earth metals: hierarchy, fundamental building blocks and thermal expansion
16.15-16.45 ECMS 2019: a summary & closing Student´s awards, next ECMS, farewell

September 14, 2019

09.00-09.10 Welcome: Workshop 2 Gemstone deposits
09.10-10.40 Evan Smith Diamond: growth in the mantle and its deposits at surface
10.40-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-12.30 Lee A. Groat Emerald and its deposits
12.30-13.20 Lunch break + mineral collections
13.20-14.50 Gaston Giuliani The geology and genesis of gem corundum deposits
14.50-15.00 Coffee break
15.00-16.30 Jan Cempírek Gems from pegmatite deposits
16.30 Workshop closing
17.30 Informal meeting